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Konstanze Haubner

Hi GEO ! I just started as a researcher in Andreas Born’s team (part of Quaternary Geology and Paleoclimate) and will be working within the KeyClim project and in close collaboration with Heiko Goelzer (at NORCE) on coupling the ice sheet model CISM to NorESM and evaluate these simulations. The Greenland ice sheet is a big player within the Northern climate. The question for me is “Can we improve our projections by including changing ice masses into Earth system models and what’s the impact/consequences of doing so?”

I have a background in applied mathematics and did my PhD at Copenhagen University and GEUS (Geological Survey of Greenland and Denmark) in ice sheet modeling studying the Greenland glacier Upernavik. Before coming here, I worked at the ULB in Brussels on coupling ice sheet models to regional atmosphere and ocean models around the South Pole.

I am very excited to be back in Scandinavia and working in such a diverse research environment. You can find me on the third floor in office 3118b.

Vivian Stegen Jacobsen – New HR Collegue

«Hei alle sammen! Jeg har jobbet på HR-avdelingen ved mat.nat siden februar 2021. Jeg begynte først i et vikariat som primærkontakt for Matematisk institutt, før jeg fikk fast stilling i desember. Jeg har nå byttet over og blitt HR primærkontakt for Institutt for geovitenskap 😊

Jeg har en mastergrad i Human Resource Management fra Copenhagen Business School, og en bachelorgrad i markedsføring (med HR som fordypningsfag) fra BI Bergen.

På fritiden er jeg glad i å gå fjellturer og danser West Coast Swing.

På grunn av tiltak tilknyttet pandemien, er jeg ikke så mye på kontoret for tiden.

Men dere er velkomne innom kontoret mitt med rom nummer 1G1c (MNfakultet HR og Økonomi) etter hvert som vi går mot mindre restriksjoner.

Jeg ser veldig frem til å bli primærkontakt for GEO og gleder meg til å bli bedre kjent med dere 😊»

Marit Holten Løland

“Hi everyone! My name is Marit and I am excited to be part of the Quaternary Geology and Paleoclimate group at GEO. I recently started my 4-year Ph.D. under the FluidMICS (Fluid Inclusion Microthermometry in Speleothems) project and will be supervised by Dr. Nele Meckler and Dr. Yves Krüger. I am Norwegian and I have already spent 6 years (!) at UiB. I did both my bachelor’s degree (2015-2018) and master’s degree (2018-2020) at GEO. My master’s thesis focused on paleoclimate reconstructions from a tropical stalagmite, as part of the T-TRAC project. Following my graduation, I worked one year as a research assistant at GEO, where I spent a lot of my time in the Fluid Inclusion Lab on the second floor. My Ph.D. project aims to provide terrestrial temperature records from low-latitude stalagmites covering the last glacial-interglacial transition by the means of fluid inclusion microthermometry. Also, the aim is to improve the accuracy of the fluid inclusion microthermometry method by identifying potential factors and mechanisms influencing liquid-vapor homogenization behaviour in stalagmite fluid inclusions.”   You find Marit in room 3122A.

Agustin Argüello Scotti

‘Hello GEO! I’m very happy to be here working on training a new generation of reservoir modelling algorithms from outcrop analogues, during my 3-year postdoctoral position supervised by Christian Haug Eide.

I come from Argentina, after working for several years in YPF (Argentina’s national energy company). Before working in the industry, I completed my PhD degree in Sedimentary Geology in 2017, with the supervision of Gonzalo Veiga at La Plata National University (Argentina).

My postdoctoral position is part of GEOPARD, a project aiming to create numerical 3D models of the subsurface that integrate geological rules into the core of the statistical modelling algorithm. My main objective within this project is to define the set of rules that govern facies transitions and stacking patterns in clastic sedimentary successions. You can find me at the second floor, room 2136’

Daniel Francis James Gunning

“Hey GEO, very excited to be working in the Quaternary Geology and Paleoclimate group during my 3-year PhD position.

I come from Scotland, and I completed a five-year integrated masters at the University of Edinburgh studying Geology and Physical Geography.

My PhD project forms part of the DEEPICE– an innovative training network aiming to prepare early-stage researchers for the coming deep ice core being drilled in Antarctica as part of the Beyond Epica project. My specific project is focussed on modelling the Mid-Pleistocene Transition from an Earth System perspective, and I am supervised by Kerim Nisancioglu”. You can find Daniel at Jahne Bakken 5, 2 floor room no 2050.

Katrina Nilsson-Kerr

“Hei hei, I’m Katrina and will be here in Bergen for the next 2 years working on my Marie Skłowdowska-Curie individual fellowship project: ELMO with Nele Meckler in the Quaternary Geology and Paleoclimate group. I am a paleoceanographer with foraminifera being my microfossil of choice and we will be exploiting the geochemistry of these bugs to produce low-latitude temperature and hydroclimate records across the Cenozoic.
Before coming to Bergen, I got my PhD at the Open University (Milton Keynes, UK) looking at the late Pleistocene Indian Monsoon. Following on from my PhD I have done stints working in the labs at Open University and Heriot-Watt (Edinburgh). I’m very happy to be here at last and look forward to being part of the department”. You will find Katrina in room no 3153B. Welcome to GEO! 🙂

Therese Rieckh

“Hey GEO, I am excited to be here! I am a postdoc in the Quaternary Geology and Paleoclimate group and will be working with Andreas Born on the isochronal tracer advection module for Greenland ice sheet models.

My background is in physics and atmospheric and climate science. I love a diverse and collaborative work environment and am looking forward to learning from/contributing to the team here and the international collaborations within my project!” You will find Therese in room no 3152.

Rebekka Frøystad

“Hello GEO! I am really excited to be joining Andreas Born’s ice modelling group as a PhD student for the next four years.

Recently, I finished a MSc, in Copenhagen, in physics where I did my thesis on atmospheric measurements of air bubbles in ice cores.

My PhD project is on modelling the future of the Folgefonna glacier in western Norway and investigating whether new possibilities for hydropower open up as the glacier melts. The project is an interdisciplinary one and we will also collaborate with the Department of Comparative Politics to assess the political willingness to expand upon hydropower in Norway. ” You will find Rebekka in room no 3124.

Ujjwal Shekhar

“My name is Ujjwal Shekhar. I am glad that I will join the GEO team. I am from India, and I came to Norway two years ago for master studies at NTNU Trondheim. My background is interdisciplinary and encompasses Geosciences and Mathematics. I have specialized in Petroleum geophysics. I was mainly working on the seismic characterization of naturally fractured reservoirs. I worked as an exploration geologist before starting my studies at NTNU.

I am a PhD Research Fellow in mathematically oriented geophysics at the Department of Earth Science. The overall goal of the project is to develop methodology for seismic monitoring of coupled processes in the subsurface. I will try to develop full-waveform inversion methods for improved localization and characterization of induced-seismicity events. This project will also employ rock physics models to thoroughly understand the effects of fluid extraction/injection. I will be supervised by Morten Jakobsen and Inga Berre. I also look forward to collaborating with other team members. I wish to utilize their expertise and input their suggestions in this PhD project.” You will find Ujjwal in room 2130B.

Førsteamanuensis Kikki Kleiven blir Bjerkenessenterets neste direktør.

Førsteamanuensis Kikki Kleiven blir Bjerkenessenterets neste direktør. GEO sender de varmeste gratulasjoner og ønsker lykke til i ny lederjobb! Les mer her.



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