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Talin Tuestad

Hi everyone! I recently started as a new PhD candidate at the department of Earth Science. I am a Norwegian-Armenian-American from New Jersey (USA) and I did my undergraduate studies in geology at the University of Delaware.  I came to Bergen in 2017 to do my master’s degree in Quaternary geology and paleoclimate at UiB, which I completed in summer 2019. As part of my MSc, I compiled a glacial striation database for the county of Rogaland, which I used to reconstruct the general ice flow patterns in the Boknafjord region, SW Norway, during the last deglaciation. I also applied LiDAR-based geomorphological mapping, field observations and surface exposure dating using in situ Be-10 to investigate the deglaciation history of the Espedalen region in Forsand, just southeast of Boknafjorden.

For my PhD, I will be focusing on quantitative geomorphology, primarily using surface exposure dating with in situ cosmogenic nuclides to determine ages of glacial landforms. My project is under the purview of the interdisciplinary project SOUTHSPHERE (Past behavior of the Southern Ocean’s atmosphere and cryosphere). Under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Henriette Linge, I will be using in situ Cl-36, Be-10 and C-14 to date rock samples collected from the sub-Antarctic Kerguelen archipelago during a field expedition in Nov/Dec 2019 in order to develop a chronology of paleoglacier extents and fluctuations on the archipelago. I am looking forward to staying in Bergen and to continue working with everyone here! You can find me in room 3148. Welcome to GEO 🙂

Apolline Samin

“Dear all,
Native from the peninsula of Crozon in North West France, I got my Bachelor in Chemistry at the Université de Bretagne Occidentale in Brest and my Master degree in Marine Chemistry at the European Institute of the Sea in Brest as well. During my internships, I had the chance to study the carbonate system in the surface water of the southern ocean with a scientific cruise on the Marion Dufresne (MD211) by being part of the team OISO (Océan Indien Service d’Observation) with Claire Lo Monaco, and then to study the circulation of fluids into Brothers, an arc volcano, using S and Sr isotopes contained in anhydrite, with Dr. Oliver Rouxel at Ifremer (master’s thesis).

After a three months contract as a research assistant at the K.G. Jebsen Centre for Deep Sea Research at UiB, I have started my PhD in geochemistry in the same department in the beginning of January. Under the supervision of Dr. Desiree Roerdink, I will be studying Cu isotope fractionation mechanisms in hydrothermal systems to investigate the formation of copper-rich deposits.

I am a little sportive and very looking forward to discover Bergen and Norway. Please, feel free to come by and say hi. I would be more than happy to meet you :)” You will find Apolline in room 4130a. Welcome to GEO 🙂

Paul Halas

Foto: Privat

I am new PhD candidate, arrived about 3 weeks ago in Bergen from South of France (Bordeaux).

After spending three years in military preparatory classes – equivalent to BS in maths, physics and chemistry, but with a bit more sport and a bit less hair, I studied for the last 3-4 years geology, hydrology and sustainable development (the main three topics of my « engineering school » in Bordeaux). I did not specialize on rocks, but on water going through it (and what it transports), using throughout the last few years more and more my pocket-hand lens to take a closer look at fluid mechanic equations. I spent 7 months at UC Davis Hydrologic Sciences Graduate Group, studying California’s hydrogeology, from their land subsidence issue to the spread of contaminants in soils, and ended my master in France working on natural hydrogen generation, trying to understand groundwater flow and its role in one specific hydrogen occurrence.

I will now be working on cryosphere, specifically on ice sheet dynamics and subglacial hydrology for the next three years, with Basile De Fleurian. The aim is to get a better understanding of the impact of a surface melting increase on ice sheets velocities. My work will consist in treating Southern Greenland remote sensing data and assess the impact of basal lubrication on the evolution of glacier dynamics via numerical modeling.

This is my first time in Norway, I am really delighted to be here and I hope I will soon be able to speak Norwegian. If you want to help me learn / learn some French, have a coffee, or both, you are more than welcome (third floor, 3126, right in front of E stairs). Vi ses! Welcome to GEO Paul 🙂

Lorenz Michel

Foto: Privat

Hei alle sammen, my name is Lorenz and I started a position as researcher here in Bergen in the mid of November 2019. I’m originally from Germany and came to Bergen after receiving my PhD in Geoscience from the University of Tübingen. During my PhD, I investigated the exhumation history of an active mountain range in the western USA, focusing on the both the contributions of tectonics and earth surface processes in exhuming orogens. For that I mostly worked with thermochronology and thermo-kinematic modeling.

In Bergen, I’m excited to be part of Ritske Huismans COLORS project for the next two years. My part of the project is to focus on investigating possible interactions and couplings between tectonics and earth surface processes in continental rift settings. For this, I simulate the evolution of rift systems using 2D and 3D thermo-mechanic models coupled with a landscape evolution model.

I’m looking forward to meeting many of you, and just feel free to stop by my office in room 2144. If you don’t find me there, I’ll likely be outdoors either climbing, skiing or hiking, enjoying Norway’s beautiful nature. Welcome to GEO Lorenz 🙂

Alice Caroline Newman

Kreyenhagen top of ridge lunch break

“Hi everyone, my name is Alice and I am excited to be joining the department as a new PhD candidate this November. I was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, where I learned to love good food, steep mountains, and rocks! I completed my BA (Carleton College, 2011) and MSc (University of Vermont, 2014) in geology in the US, and worked in the US as a geologist and geoscience teacher for several years. Before moving to Norway, I worked as a science and Chinese language teacher at a high school in Aarhus, Denmark.

As part of the Basin and Reservoir Studies group, I’ll be co-supervised by Prof. Atle Rotevatn, Prof. Haakon Fossen, and Prof. Christian Haug Eide. My project concerns the interaction and influence of structural and stratigraphic controls on fluid flow. More specifically, I’ll be studying the deformation mechanisms, microstructure/poroperm properties, and network properties of deformation bands and faults in a range of sandstones and other clastic rocks. This work involves analysis of cores from the Ivar Aasen field of the Norwegian continental shelf, as well as fieldwork in Utah, USA.
Jeg ser frem til å møte dere ☺ You can find me in office 2148.” Welcome to GEO 🙂

Andreas Türke

“Hei everyone!
I recently started a postdoc position at the K.G. Jebsen Center for Deep Sea Research at the University of Bergen. For the next three years I will be working on the environmental impact of microbial activity in newly formed oceanic basalts. The position is linked to the project EnterDeep and is tightly associated with the ICDP SUSTAIN drilling campaign into Surtsey Volcano, Iceland ( The drill core into Surtsey give us the opportunity to study “zero-age” basalts for the first time and investigate how microbes colonize oceanic crust.

I am from Germany and finished my PhD in 2016 at the University of Bremen in Marine Geosciences working geochemically on basalt alteration processes. Even though my background is in geology/geochemistry I have always been deeply interested in microbial processes and their impact on geochemical cycles.

I am excited to be in Bergen and am looking forward to work closely with all of you! You will find Andreas in 4th floor room no 4131.” Welcome to GEO 🙂

Maria Svåsand

Hello everyone, I began as a HR Senior Executive Officer at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences the 18th of September. I will be the primary contact in HR for the Department of Earth Science.

My last job was as at the Faculty of Psychology (UiB) as a student adviser, where I worked for about 8 years.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Work- and Organizational Psychology from UiB, and my Master’s degree from NTNU (Trondheim) in Health-, Organizational- and Communication Psychology.

I look forward to work here at the Department of Earth Science and you can find me in room 3116 or room 1F1d (MNFaculty HR and Economics).

Welcome to drop by my office! Welcome to GEO Maria 😊

Bjørn Burr Nyberg

Hi Everyone,
I started a new position as a researcher in May! I am originally from Sweden and I have completed a BSc degree from James Cook University in Australia and a MSc from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. I have done my doctorate at UiB and UniCIPR (now NORCE) and for the last three years, a post-doctoral fellowship at UiB with Professor William Helland-Hansen. For the next year, I will be applying machine-learning algorithms within the Google Earth Engine environment as a method to predict reservoir scale heterogeneity in collaboration with AkerBP. In addition, I will be contributing to the development of the Coastal Change for the 21st Century (CC21) project with William Helland-Hansen, which aims to improve our prediction of future land-water change based on scenarios of climate, eustasy, subsidence, sediment routing systems and the Anthropocene.

I look forward to staying in Bergen after nearly 8 years and working with colleagues at the department! Feel free to visit my office on the second floor near Steinbiten in room 2119! If I am not in my office, I am most likely outside enjoying the weather and/or climbing.

Ozan Mert Gokturk

Hello Everyone,
At the beginning of May, I have started working as a postdoc in the Department of Earth Science. As a part of the interdisciplinary project conducted by the Centre for Early Sapiens Behaviour, I will contribute to the understanding of past climate in southern Africa by performing high-resolution climate model runs (i.e. ‘downscaling’) for this region.

I am an engineer by training, however I have always been fascinated by weather, climate and the planet in general. This was my motivation for obtaining an MSc degree (from Turkey) in earth science, and then a PhD (from Switzerland) in the area of paleoclimate reconstruction. During my post doctoral years in Turkey, I had the opportunity to improve my skills in the modelling of weather and climate, while I also taught courses in these fields. The project about human evolution that I will now participate in is therefore a great chance for me to combine my diverse skills.

During this project I am going to work under Dr. Stefan Sobolowski from NORCE and Prof. Eystein Jansen from Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research; while, hopefully, collaborating with and learning from many others at UiB and the Department of Earth Science. I am excited to be here! You will find Ozan at Jahnebakken 5. Welcome to GEO Ozan 🙂

Linling Chen – new research coordinator at GEO

“Hello everyone,
I’ve started to work as a research coordinator at the Department of Earth Science this week. I’m originally from China, and have been studying/working at the Nansen Centre and Bjerknes Centre here in Bergen for about 10 years. My background is meteorology, and my research interests are ranging from dynamical interpretation of surface mass changes of the Greenland Ice Sheet to the weather extremes in the Northern Hemisphere mid-latitude, and from the Arctic sea ice decline to commercial Arctic shipping through the Northeast Passage 🙂

Throughout my research career I have acquired a deep understanding of the struggle that scientists have to go through in the pursuit of external funding and what is needed to motivate them. I enjoy the task of coordination and supporting people, as well as building partnerships with scientists to create synergies. That is why I find this position at GEO particularly attractive.
The scope and tasks are both exciting and challenging and therefore I would like to help develop the administrative research support at GEO. I’m looking forward to getting to know the institute and the people working here. You can find me in room 3114”. Welcome to GEO Linling 🙂

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