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Christopher Jackson

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Hei! My name is Christopher Jackson. I am currently Equinor Professor of Basin Analysis at Imperial College, where I am Head of the Basins Research Group (BRG). This group focuses on determining the geodynamic, structural, and stratigraphic evolution of sedimentary basins, and the application of this understanding to determining the nature, origin and occurrence of natural resources. From 2002-2004 I was employed as an exploration research geologist in the Norsk Hydro (now Equinor) research centre, Bergen, Norway. Since moving to Imperial College, my research has focused on the tectono-stratigraphic analysis of sedimentary basins, with particular interest and expertise in the application of 3D seismic reflection and borehole data. I use both traditional fieldwork techniques and subsurface (seismic reflection, potential field, and borehole) data to investigate numerous geoscience topics, including the tectono-stratigraphic evolution of rifts and salt-influenced basins, and the sedimentology and stratigraphic evolution of deep-water sedimentary systems.

Thanks to the generous support of Professor Rob Gawthorpe, my old PhD supervisor from my time at the University of Manchester (1998-2002), I will spend 6 months in GEO as the VISTA Visiting Professor. I will work with Rob and other members of Bergen Basins on a range of sedimentary basins-related topics. Please feel free to come and chat to me about Earth Sciences, as well as equality, diversity, and inclusion, as well as race and racial justice, not just in academia, but in society in general.

Sophie Baumgartner

Hei alle sammen!
I am studying chemistry and geography to become a teacher for secondary schools at the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen in Germany.
I am nearing the end of my studies and am currently writing my thesis supervised by Nele Meckler. Hence, I am here at the Department of Earth Science carrying out research for three months. I am working on a speleothem from Borneo  analyzing oxygen isotope ratios. You can find me in room 3153B.
We hope you will enjoy your stay here at GEO 🙂

Kyrre Heldal Kartveit

Hello colleagues! My name is Kyrre, and I am a guest PhD-candidate from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). After nine years in exile in Trondheim I have returned to my native city in order to approach my field of interest from a somewhat different angle. For the past few years I have worked with seismic interpretation, structural geology and sedimentology although, theoretically, my background is in rock physics. I prefer the former. At GEO I will be focusing on seismic modelling based on outcrops and well data, which to me is fairly unknown territory. My field of research has been swirling around the Messinian Salinity Crisis in the Mediterranean Sea, but I also have great affection and fascination of Svalbard geology – hopefully I will be able to tie my research to both of these themes. I am very exited to be back in Bergen and look forward to getting to know you all, and to re-explore the loveliest city in Norway. Please drop by 2101 for a chat and/or coffee. Velkommen til GEO Kyrre 🙂

Bonita Barrett

“Hi, this April I have started a 3 month visiting VISTA placement at the University of Bergen working with Prof. Rob Gawthorpe. I am visiting from the Universiy of Leeds, UK, where I am in my third year of my PhD project that is supervised by Prof. David Hodgson, Dr. Richard Collier and Dr Robert Dorrell. My research focuses on the stratigraphic architecture of shallow marine systems in syn- to post-rift settings. It is an integrated project with regard to methodology, whereby I am integrating 3D sequence stratigraphic numerical modelling with ‘Syn-Strat’, field- and subsurface-based case studies. The major interest is characterising along-strike variation in sequence architecture and understanding its applications for quantifying wider basin controls, and its implications for hydrocarbon play analysis in these settings. My field area is onshore the Gulf of Corinth, where the current case study focuses on the interfan area between syn-rift deltas. I will be working on this during my time in Bergen.

My background is varied – I studied an integrated Masters degree at Bangor University 2011-2015 in Geological Ocenography, with my 4th Masters year focussing on Geophysics. My thesis and associated publication looks at the effects of tuning on shallow gas signatures in seismic data. This is my third summer in Norway having spent the last two in Harstad and Trondheim undertaking summer internships at Statoil, so I am working my way southwards and am looking forward to familiarising myself with Bergen and enjoying everything it has to offer. I am sitting in room 2144 and always welcome a chat!”

Tim Cullen

“Hi, this April I have started a 3 month visiting VISTA placement in Bergen working with Rob Gawthorpe and the Syn-Rift Systems Group. I’m visiting from the University of Leeds in the UK where I am supervised by Dr. Richard Collier & Prof. David Hodgson collaborating as part of the Syn-Rift Systems consortium here in Bergen. My research is focused on investigating deep-water deposits in syn-rift settings and how they evolve in the context of the structural evolution of rift basins. A large part of this work involves fieldwork in the onshore Gulf of Corinth, Greece where the Syn-Rift Systems group have retreived drillcore which I will be working on during my time here!

My background focuses on sedimentology and structural geology where I completed my bachelors degree in Geology in 2015 and masters degree in Structural Geology with Geophysics in 2016 at the University of Leeds and spent a breif period in the middle of all of that working in fault seal analysis and fractured reservoirs. I’m looking forward to a great three months in Bergen! You can find me in room 2144 or the lab!”

Liang Chen

Liang Chen: I am a visiting PhD student from China. I got my M.SC. degree from China University of Petroleum – Beijing (CUP) in 2014, and began my PhD program. Now I am a third year PhD candidate of CUP. My master thesis and doctoral thesis are based on the seismic data in rift basins to study the sedimentary and stratigraphic responds to the normal faults growth. I started my visit in Bergen since September 2017, and it would last for one and a half year. I am in the Basin and Reservoir Studies group now, and supervised by Prof. Rob Gawthorpe. You can find me in room 2152A.

Yaneng Luo


Yaneng Luo: I am now a visiting PhD student at UIB under the supervision of Prof. Morten Jakobsen for one year from September 2017 to September 2018. I come from China University of Petroleum-Beijing. My major is geophysics and my research interests are rock physics, seismic inversion, and quantitative reservoir characterization. My PhD dissertation title is “Quantitative characterization method of seismic reservoirs based on geostatistics”. You can find me in room 2148.


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