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Karen Tellefsen

Karen Tellefsen, som siden 2016 har vært tilknyttet EPOS-prosjektet ved GEO, de siste årene som seniorkonsulent, har tatt over arbeidsoppgavene etter Iselin i instituttets studieadministrasjon. Iselin sluttet i sin stilling som seniorkonsulent/studieveileder like over påske, og nå onsdag 21. april startet Karen i stilingen som seniorkonsulent/ studieveileder. Hun vil i første omgang ha spesielt ansvar for bachelorprogrammet, timeplanarbeid i samarbeid med Emilie og eksamensarbeid i samarbeid med Synne, og vil mest sannsynlig også delta i iEarths arbeid med utvikling av praksisemnet og administrering av dette. Karen tok både bachelor- og mastergrad ved GEO, og har dermed vært på instituttet i snart 10 år. Grunnet tiltak knyttet til pandemien vil Karen arbeide mye fra hjemmekontor som flere av oss andre i administrasjonen. Ellers blir hun å finne på kontoret bak resepsjonen.

Congrats, dr Sunniva Rutledal

Sunniva Rutledal  successfully defended her thesis Friday 9th April on: “Tephrochronology of the North Atlantic during the Last Glacial period – a paleoclimate synchronization tool”.

We congratulate the freshly minted doctora! 🙂

The opponents were Professor Stefan Wastegård, Department of Physical Geography, Stockholm University, Sweden and Professor Dierk Hebbeln
MARUM – Center for Marine Environmental Sciences, University of Bremen, Germany. The Internal member of the committee was Assosiate Professor Henriette Linge, GEO, and the disputation was led by Professor Kerim Hestnes Nisancioglu. The thesis was supervised by Professor Eystein Jansen, GEO and Professor Haflidi Haflidason, GEO, Dr. Trond M. Dokken, NORCE Norwegian Research Centre og Dr. Sarah M. P. Berben.

Congrats, dr Fanny Ekblom Johansson

Fanny Ekblom Johansson successfully defended her thesis Wednesday 24. March on: “Glacial and Extreme Flood variability during late Holocene and into the Future – Studies from Folgefonna in south-west Norway and Ata Sund in west Greenland“.

We congratulate the freshly minted doctora! 🙂

The opponents were Professor Anders Schomacker, Institutt for Geovitenskap, UiT Norges Arktiske Universitet and dr. Bethan Davis, Centre for Quaternary Research, Department of Geography, Royal Holloway University of London, UK. The Internal member of the committee was professor Atle Nesje, GEO, and the disputation was led by førsteamanuensis Benjamin Aubrey Robson. The thesis was supervised by professor Jostein Bakke and senioringeniør Eivind Wilhelm Nagel Støren, GEO, and seniorforsker Camilla Snowman Andresen ved De Nationale Geologiske Undersøgelser for Danmark og Grønland.

Welcome to GEO Flávio de Almeida

“Hei GEO! I am Flávio, a new PhD candidate at UiB working on the PETROMAKS II DeepRift Project under the supervision of Prof. Rob Gawthorpe. I have recently completed my Master’s in Stratigraphy and Basin Analysis at Unisinos University, Brazil, dealing with detailed depositional strike and dip architecture of the Lower-Middle Jurassic Margin clinoforms in southernmost Neuquén Basin, Argentina. I am a geology graduate from the State University of Campinas, Brazil.

My PhD research focuses on the late-quaternary evolution of alluvial/shoreline to basin-floor deposits of the Corinth Rift, Greece, aiming at deciphering (and distinguishing) the signatures of autogenic and allogenic process controls in the early-stage sedimentation of rift basins.

Apart from geology, I am always up for outdoor activities and beer – so please invite me!! I look forward to meeting you all! Cheers!” You will find Flávio in room no 2101.

Welcome to GEO Anna Seybold

“Hi everyone! My name is Anna Seybold and I just started as a senior engineer in the ELMI lab at GEO. I am coming from a life science background with a strong focus on invertebrate biology and electron microscopy.

I became passionate about EM during my master’s degree at the University of Innsbruck (Austria), where I investigated the extreme regeneration capacity of the freshwater polyp Hydra. I completed my PhD at the University of Otago (New Zealand), focussing on adaptation mechanisms of an Antarctic nematode to extreme environments. I then worked as a researcher at the Goethe University (Germany) learning cryo-EM and at the Sars International Centre here in Bergen, using 3D EM, axon tracing and synapse mapping to characterize the sensory and nervous system of marine invertebrate larvae.

I am now very much looking forward to work with the ELMI lab team and the GEO department, to continue my research on invertebrate biology and to be involved in many exciting EM projects. See you around!”

Welcome to GEO James Olomo

“Hei UiB – Geo! I am James Olomo, a recent PhD research fellow here at UiB working on the Petromaks II DeepRift Project with Rob Gawthorpe. I completed my Master’s in Petroleum Geosciences at the IFP School, Paris, after which I worked on the East African Rift System at Total SA. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Geology from the University of Benin, Nigeria.

My PhD research is going to revolve around tectonostratigraphic evolution and deepwater source to sink sedimentation in areas of the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Core aim of the work will be to reconstruct the structural styles and growth history of normal faults and fault-related depocentres and to define deep-water sediment transport pathways across areas of complex normal fault-related topography.

I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria, lived in Paris and Pau, France for about three years and now, excited to be here in Bergen. I look forward to an awesome time at UiB and meeting you all. My office is 2132.”

Reusch Medaljen til Tore Grane Klausen

Vi fikk i går den gledelige nyhet at Tore Klausen, tidligere bachelorstudent, masterstudent, PhD kandidat og post.doc. ved vårt institutt har blitt beæret med Reusch medaljen. Dette er Norsk geologisk forenings forskningspris i geologi til yngre forskere (det vil si under 36 år) «for et fremragende vitenskapelig arbeid av høyeste internasjonal standard» som er «innen geologien eller dens forskjellige hjelpevitenskaper og må angå eller være relevant for norske forhold». Les mer fra vår web-side her.

Welcome to GEO Synne Skaara

“Hi everyone! My name is Synne Skaara and I have just started working in the administration at GEO. Anders B. Kulseng is on leave this year, and I am taking over his duties while he is away. Some of you may already know me since I have taken both my bachelor`s degree (2015-2018) and my master`s degree (2018-2020) at GEO. In my master`s thesis I processed and interpreted multichannel seismic data from Isfjorden, Svalbard. My thesis was multidisciplinary and consisted of both geology and geophysics. I then got travel on field courses in both fields which definitely enriched my stay at GEO. I am very happy to be back and look forward to seeing you all.” You find Synne in room, where Anders was, no 3110.

Welcome to GEO Benjamin Aubrey Robson

“Hello everyone, my name is Benjamin Robson and I am happy to join GEO as an Associate Professor in Geomatics. My research interests are primarily focused on characterising glacial and periglacial environments using remote sensing and earth observational data, as well as assessing rates of change over time, such as glacier down wasting or permafrost creep. I’m also increasingly becoming interesting in using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically interpret satellite imagery and map landforms that previously were delineated using manual interpretation, such as rock glaciers. In general though it is the use of GIS, remote sensing, and spatial analysis that interests me and I have in the past worked on many different topics, so I would be happy to speak to any of you if you would like to integrate an element of geomatics into your work!” Read more here.

Welcome to GEO Lucas Valore

Hello all! My name is Lucas Valore and I’m a new PhD candidate who will be officially enrolling at GEO soon. I am taking a position in the S2S-FUTURE project, which is coordinated at UiB by Assoc. Prof. Christian Haug Eide, who is also going to be my main advisor. Prior to moving to Bergen, I was doing my master’s degree in Exploratory Geology in my hometown of Curitiba, Brazil, where I also did my bachelor’s degree in Geology. My master’s research was focused on volcanic environments and associated sedimentary and volcaniclastic (sediments formed by volcanic fragments like ash) deposits. Back then, I was trying to investigate the influence of volcanism on specific, local-scale continental sedimentary systems. Now, however, I will be looking at the impacts of magmatic systems from a rather different perspective – I thought that I should try to explain it with a broader language for the non-geologists as well, so please bear with me. Read more here. You will find Lucas in room 2148.  🙂

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