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Samuel Pereira

Hei Geo! My name is Samuel Pereira and I have just started my PhD in ‘Hydrothermal Organic Geochemistry’ at the Department for Earth Sciences and K.G. Jebsen Centre for Deep-Sea Research.
I’m from Mumbai (India) and I’ve completed my Bachelor’s degree in Geology (2014-2017) from St Xavier’s College, Mumbai and I also have a Master’s degree in Marine Geosciences (2017-2020) from University of Bremen (Germany). Where I worked with the working groups of Wolfgang Bach and Andrea Koschinsky (MARUM, University of Bremen). My master thesis ‘Geochemical investigations of hydrothermal fluids from the South-Sandwich plate, (Southern Ocean)’ was focussed on fluid geochemistry and thermodynamic modelling in unravelling the formation of magmatic and seawater derived deep-sea hydrothermal fluids.
My aim area of focus has been deep-sea hydrothermal systems, previously I’ve focussed on the inorganics and volatiles in these systems (essentially in the fluids) to understand the formation of these energy-rich fluids, using the chemistry of various species in the fluids (major, minor and trace elements), speciation and solubility calculations, fluid-rock interactions and catabolic thermodynamic models to further understand them in detail.

At UiB has a part of project HyPOD (Hydrothermal Production of Organic molecules: carbon transformation and Decomposition in ocean crust fluids), I’ll be working with Eoghan P. Reeves in understanding the formation of organic molecules in these fluids as a result of pyrolysis of microbial biomass under hydrothermal conditions. High temperature-pressure experiments will be conducted using lab-cultivated biomass (bacteria and archaea) under realistic redox conditions. I’ll be analysing these fluids for hydrocarbons, alcohols, carboxylic acids, amino acids and biomarkers. I’ll also be collaborating with Prof. Ida Helene Steen, Dr Håkon Dahle at Bio, UiB and Dr Florence Schubotz (MARUM, University of Bremen). I’m very excited to continue studying these marvellous deep-sea hydrothermal systems as a part of my PhD and I’m looking forward towards my stay in Bergen! You will find Samuel in room 4140. Welcome to GEO 🙂

The Loránd Eötvös Award 2020

The Loránd Eötvös Award 2020 was presented to Tor Arne Johansen and co-authors Bent Ole Ruud, Ronny Tømmerbakke, Kristian Jensen for their paper “Seismic on floatin ice: data arquisition versus flexural wave noise“, published in Geophysical Prospecting, Vol. 67, Mar 2019. Congratulations 🙂


Hannah E. Petrie

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Hi! My name is Hannah Petrie, and I have just joined the department to pursue an Equinor-funded PhD in integrated geological characterization of marine ground conditions for offshore wind in the North Sea.
I have a background in Geology and Petroleum Geoscience and have previously studied at the University of Edinburgh (2009-2013) and Imperial College London (2013-2014). After graduating, I moved to Bergen to work as an Exploration Geologist at Statoil/Equinor for four years and also worked as an Operations Geologist for almost two years.
My main area of focus has previously been evaluating hydrocarbon prospects; analyzing large seismic and well datasets within the Northern North Sea region at a range of stratigraphic levels. Most recently I have focused on regional seismic interpretation of Plio-Pleistocene stratigraphy, and I am very excited to continue to study the fascinating glacial geology of the Quaternary of the North Sea as part of my PhD project.

The project is associated with Equinor and with the Bergen Offshore Wind Centre (BOW), which covers a range of innovative offshore wind research projects. I look forward to working with BOW and my supervisors Christian Haug Eide and Haflidi Haflidason on investigating the ways in which a detailed and integrated understanding of the shallow Quaternary subsurface can be used to add value, reduce costs and uncertainties and increase efficiency and cross-disciplinary collaboration in offshore wind installation projects.
Please come by my office in 2G13C anytime if you want to know more about the project, or just to say hi! Welcome to GEO Hannah 🙂


Tim Cullen

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Hei UIBGeo!
My name is Tim Cullen, and I have just started a postdoctoral research fellow position here in UiB working on the Petromaks II DeepRift project. Having visited Bergen a couple of times over the past couple of years for work in PhD in the Syn-Rift Systems project, I am delighted to be coming back and spending more time in the department and the city!
I’m looking forward to seeing plenty of friendly and familiar faces, and getting back into the swing of things here in Bergen.

I am a geologist and have recently finished my PhD at The University of Leeds in the UK, where I was working with Richard Collier, Dave Hodgson and Rob Gawthorpe looking at deep-water and deltaic syn-rift depositional systems in the Corinth Rift. My PhD focussed on understanding how deep-water syn-rift systems respond to the influence of structural and climatic variability. I’m going to be carrying on thinking about this and some others things and seeing if we can apply our work from the Corinth Rift in the previous syn-rift systems project to the Norwegian Continental shelf.
You’ll be able to find me in office no. 2101 once I’m in the department so feel free to pop by! Welcome back Tim 🙂

Christopher Jackson

Foto: Privat

Hei! My name is Christopher Jackson. I am currently Equinor Professor of Basin Analysis at Imperial College, where I am Head of the Basins Research Group (BRG). This group focuses on determining the geodynamic, structural, and stratigraphic evolution of sedimentary basins, and the application of this understanding to determining the nature, origin and occurrence of natural resources. From 2002-2004 I was employed as an exploration research geologist in the Norsk Hydro (now Equinor) research centre, Bergen, Norway. Since moving to Imperial College, my research has focused on the tectono-stratigraphic analysis of sedimentary basins, with particular interest and expertise in the application of 3D seismic reflection and borehole data. I use both traditional fieldwork techniques and subsurface (seismic reflection, potential field, and borehole) data to investigate numerous geoscience topics, including the tectono-stratigraphic evolution of rifts and salt-influenced basins, and the sedimentology and stratigraphic evolution of deep-water sedimentary systems.

Thanks to the generous support of Professor Rob Gawthorpe, my old PhD supervisor from my time at the University of Manchester (1998-2002), I will spend 6 months in GEO as the VISTA Visiting Professor. I will work with Rob and other members of Bergen Basins on a range of sedimentary basins-related topics. Please feel free to come and chat to me about Earth Sciences, as well as equality, diversity, and inclusion, as well as race and racial justice, not just in academia, but in society in general.

Disputas – Niklas Meinicke

SÅÅÅ glad kan man bli når man har disputert i tre timer, og komiteen har godkjent både disputas og avhandling.

Niklas Meinicke forsvarte avhandlingen sin 25. juni, med tittelen “Clumped isotope thermometry in foraminifera – From calibration to Plio-Pleistocene temperature reconstructions in the Indo-Pacific Warm Pool“.

Opponentene var professor Cédric M. John, ved Department of Earth Science & Engineering, ved Imperial College London, og Amanuensius Sindia Sosdian fra School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, Cardiff University. Professor Eystein Jansen var internt medlem i komiteen, og professor Lars Ottemöller ledet disputasen.

Prosjektet ble veiledet av Anna Nele Meckler, Stijn De Schepper, og Sze Ling Ho. Lenke til pressemelding. Vi gratulerer 🙂

Disputas – Fabian Tillmans

MSc Fabian Tillmans disputerte 18. juni for doktorgraden, med avhandlingen “Deep-water syn-rift sedimentation and tectonics“.

Opponenter var professor Alejandro Escalona fra Institutt for energiressurser ved Universitetet i Stavanger, og førsteamanuensis Aggeliki Georgiopoulou fra School of Environment and Technology ved The University of Brighton i Storbritannia. Førsteamanuensis Christian Hauge Eide var internt medlem av komiteen, og selve disputasen ble ledet av professor Morten Jakobsen, begge GEO. Doktorgradsprosjektet er veiledet av professor Rob Gawthorpe (UiB), professor Atle Rotevatn (UiB) og professor Christopher Jackson (Imperial College London). Lenke til pressemeldingen. Vi gratulerer 🙂

Sunniva Rutledal – vinner av årets formidlingskonkurranse

Sunniva Rutledal, stipendiat ved Institutt for geovitenskap ved Universitetet i Bergen og Bjerknessenteret for klimaforskning, er vinner av’s formidingskonkurranse. Les mer her. Vi Gratulerer 🙂

Karl Purcell

Hello everyone, My name is Karl Purcell. I just started a PhD this June under the supervision of Margit Hildegard Simon and Eystein Jansen at the GEO department and the SapienCE centre. I will be working on reconstructing late Pleistocene paleoenvironments in South Africa by analysing marine sediments (e.g.: XRF, plant wax isotopes, OSL, …) and climate model data to help relate climatic reconstructions with early human behavior.

I am currently in Gatineau (Canada), my arrival being delayed due to the corona pandemic. I was born here in Gatineau, and I completed a Bachelor’s degree in metallurgical engineering and later a microprogram on climate change at Laval University, in Quebec City. I moved to Montreal and worked as a metallurgical lab technician between 2014 and 2017 before finally getting back to school for my master’s degree in Earth sciences at the Université du Québec à Montréal. My MSc project was a study on the use of 230Th excesses to constrain the ages of late quaternary sediments in the central Arctic Ocean. During the master I loved the idea of helping to elucidate our past, and I know this new project for my PhD will fuel this passion.

Aside from work, I love the outdoors and I genuinely enjoy rainy days so Bergen should be great. I also practice parkour/freerunning, lifting, running and rock-climbing. I will definitely hike around a lot, and maybe even go surfing on the coast.

Looking forward to meet you all! Hopefully you will soon find Karl at Jahne Bakken 5. Welcome to GEO 🙂

Guided lunchtime city-walk Thursday June 4

We would like to invite our newest employees to a guided lunchtime city-walk Thursday June 4th. Would you like to get to know the City of Bergen better?

We offer a guided city-walk on: Thursday June 4 at 11:00. Please be on time. The tour will take 1,5-2 hours starting from the Lion in front of the Natural History Museum, Musèplass,  and walk out towards Bryggen Museum, the walk will include stops by museums, art galleries and historic points of interest along the way.

This will be an outdoor activity only, and might be cancelled due to weather. Dress accordingly. Please not the importance of social distancing, keeping 1-2 meters apart.

There is limited number of participants, and if available space the offer is also extended to all that have started employment at UiB in the past 18 months. Sign up here. If you are not able to attend, please make sure to notify us, so others might have the possibility to join.

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