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Ny populærvitenskapelig artikkel

Jan Mangerud har skrevet en populærartikkel om forløpet av siste istid i Geonytt, som er et digitalt blad for Norsk Geologisk Forening.  Bladet finnes her.

Congrats, dr. Lisa Griem

Lisa Griem successfully defended her thesis Thursday 18. March on: “Ocean circulation changes off southern Greenland during the abrupt climate events of mid-to-late MIS3“.

We congratulate the freshly minted doctora! 🙂

The opponents were Professor William Austin, University of St. Andrews, United Kingdom, Canada and Seniorforsker Camilla Snowman Andresen
Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, Denmark
The Internal member of the committee was Førsteamanuensis Helga (Kikki) Flesche Kleiven, GEO, and the disputation was led by Førsteamanuensis Anne Nele Meckler. The thesis was supervised by professor Eystein Jansen, GEO, Dr. Trond M. Dokken og Dr. Sarah M. P. Berben ved NORCE Norwegian Research Centre.

Congrats, dr. Sebastian Wolf

Sebastian Wolf successfully defended his thesis Wednesday 10. March on: “Orogenesis from bottom to top – Investigating the geodynamics of mountain building using coupled thermo-mechanical-surface-process models“.

We congratulate the freshly minted doctor! 🙂

The opponents were Dr. Christopher Beaumont, Department of Oceanography, Dalhousie University, Canada and Professor Kelin Whipple, Natural Sciences, Division of (CLAS-NS)
Arizona State University, USA. The Internal member of the committee was Professor Stephane Rondenay, GEO, and the disputation was led by Professor William Helland-Hansen. The thesis was supervised by Professor Ritske Huismans, GEO.

NFR 2021-02-10

Congratulations! Thank you for all your excellent job to make this happen: 21 proposals as coordinator and 11 proposals as partner have been sent to the NFR on Wednesday. The application process has been smooth despite of the current situation and difficulties associated home office. What’s next? Follow this website you’ll get to know the adminstrative procedure for your application. This is a big step towards more transparency in evaluation process, which is good! NFR has also indicated that the result will be announced before summer, so fingers crossed. We know some of you are still working on the Collaborative and Knowledge-building Project proposals with deadline on the coming Wednesday, but we hope you can relax a bit during the weekend.

Data Management Plan courses

The Norwegian Research Council and Horizon 2020 require projects to submit a data management plan (DMP). In addition The University of Bergen Policy for Open Science states that “all research projects lead by researchers at UiB will have a data management plan”.

The University Library offers digital courses in Data Management this semester. These courses give you a short introduction to what a Data Management Plan should contain and tips about helpful DMP tools. Two of the courses include a writing workshop, where you will be able to work on your own DMP and receive feedback and input from other researchers.

Want to know more about Open Research Data and Data Management? See our pages:

Questions about Open Research Data or Data Management? Contact us at

Albina Gilmullina in expronews

PhD Albina Gilmullina (ISBAR) got some well-deserved attention from Expronews for the fantastic job she is doing tying the Greater Barents Sea together and making sense of the geology across Arctic borders! 🙂 Read more here:…/towards-a-better-understanding…/

Plan S requirements.

For calls for proposals from and including 2021, the Research Council of Norway(RCN) will require full and immediate open access to all articles from projects that receive funding from the Council. According to the Plan S requirements, there are three main ways to OA: publishing in OA journals, publishing in venues under a transformative arrangement, or making a version (either the AAM or final version) of the article available by depositing it in an open archive. For any chosen route to compliance, the publication must be openly available immediately with a Creative Commons Attribution license (CC BY). Coalition S has recently launched a journal checker tool, where you can check whether your chosen journal/venue is Plan S compliant and which routes are available.Currently, the requirements apply only to scientific articles. During 2021, cOAlitionS will develop joint open access requirements for scientific books and book chapters (monographs and anthologies). When this has been done, the RCN will introduce requirements for scientific books in line with the recommendations made by cOAlition S. Please also note that the RCN requires all articles to be archived in a suitable open archive (no matter which OA route was used). We recommend to use CRIStin for this purpose.

Please check and register your publications in the CRIStin database by 31st January!

CRIStin (Current research information system in Norway) is a research information system for hospitals, research institutes, and universities and university colleges. One of the primary purposes of the system is to collect all the registrations and reporting of research activities of institutions within the three sectors in a common system.

As every year, we ask you to log into CRIStin and check if your publications for the last year (2020) are complete and correctly registered. Please correct potential errors and inconsistencies and add missing publications. In addition, UiB requires a full-text version of all research articles to be uploaded to the database.The deadline for completing those tasks is 31 January 2021. More detailed information on how to register publications in CRIStin, as well as guidelines on how to upload the full text, can be found here:

Please note, that the budget of our department is partly dependent on the publications that our scientific staff are authors and coauthors of. The research groups will be rewarded according to their registered publication points.

Publishing Open Access

The University of Bergen Library has prepared very good websites on the current status of local, national and international open access (OA) policies as well as their services related to OA publishing. Please have a look at their websites and make yourself familiar with the different policies as well as the existing publishing deals with several of the academic publishers. UiB’s new policy for Open Science can be found by following the link. Furthermore, UiB has a publication fund for OA that can cover the article processing charges (APC) whenpublishingin eligible open access journals.Before you (your group) pay(s) any fees for making an article openly available, please consult the webpages to see if you are entitled to a discount, may get the fees refunded through the publication fund, or maybe don’teven have to pay anything based on an existing agreement with the publisher!If you have questions, please contact the department’s research coordinator Linling Chen.

Congrats, dr. Danielle Marie Howlett

(Click on picture to see all)

Danielle Marie Howlett successfully defended her thesis Tuesday 8. December on: “Response of Deep-water Depositional Systems to Salt-Influenced Topography“.

We congratulate the freshly minted doctora! 🙂

The opponents were Mike Mayall from Imperial College London and Esther Sumner from University of Southampton. The Internal member of the committee was Berit Oline Hjelstuen, and the disputation was led by Christian Haug Eide. The thesis was supervised by Rob Gawthorpe, Atle Rotevatn and Zhiyuan Ge., all GEO.

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