Konstanze Haubner

Hi GEO ! I just started as a researcher in Andreas Born’s team (part of Quaternary Geology and Paleoclimate) and will be working within the KeyClim project and in close collaboration with Heiko Goelzer (at NORCE) on coupling the ice sheet model CISM to NorESM and evaluate these simulations. The Greenland ice sheet is a big player within the Northern climate. The question for me is “Can we improve our projections by including changing ice masses into Earth system models and what’s the impact/consequences of doing so?”

I have a background in applied mathematics and did my PhD at Copenhagen University and GEUS (Geological Survey of Greenland and Denmark) in ice sheet modeling studying the Greenland glacier Upernavik. Before coming here, I worked at the ULB in Brussels on coupling ice sheet models to regional atmosphere and ocean models around the South Pole.

I am very excited to be back in Scandinavia and working in such a diverse research environment. You can find me on the third floor in office 3118b.