New funded project

EcoSafe is newly funded project led by UiB-BIO (Pedro Ribeiro) and in which GEO (Ingunn Thorseth and Thibaut Barreyre) is a partner and Work Package leader. EcoSafe’s primary objective is to predict the environmental impacts and risks of projected mining activities on Arctic Mid-Ocean Ridge areas under Norwegian jurisdiction. The project aims at using a multidisciplinary approach to provide the knowledge base required to develop environmental-friendly industrial practices and regulatory frameworks for sustainable deep-sea mining operations. The key sub-objectives are:
(1) to provide an environmental baseline for the different biological communities present at potential mining areas, through comprehensively mapping of their distribution, diversity and abundance;
(2) to determine the likelihood of mining activities impacting distinct habitat types;
(3) to assess recolonization potential by estimating connectivity along the ridge;
(4) to quantify the toxic impacts of SMS plumes on benthic community structure and function, through laboratory and in-situ experiments;
(5) to quantify the dispersal extent of mining plumes using field observations and numerical modelling;
(6) to establish and further develop a framework for environmental risk assessment of industrial ridge mining activities.
GEO leads the Work Package on Plume Dynamics and Dispersal addressing the sub-objective (5). Read more here.