Shut Up and Write at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Are you a PhD or Postdoc, and struggling with finding the time to sit down and write?

Shut up and Write is an informal gathering with the aim of giving you a dedicated time and space to focus on
writing. It consists of:

  • A distraction-free workspace: no phones, no emails, no interruptions.
  • Structured working blocks: 45 minutes writing, 15-minute break
  • Coffee/tea, biscuits and chat with other writers during the break

You are welcome to join at any break (the first 15 mins of every hour e.g. 14.00-14.15 and 15.00-15.15 – doors
close and writing begins at 15 past!). No registration, just bring your laptop and coffee mug and show up!

November 17th at 14:00-16:00
December 8th at 14:00-16:00

Where: Realfagbygget, 2. floor, Group room sp2 (prev. 2018)