Marit Holten Løland

“Hi everyone! My name is Marit and I am excited to be part of the Quaternary Geology and Paleoclimate group at GEO. I recently started my 4-year Ph.D. under the FluidMICS (Fluid Inclusion Microthermometry in Speleothems) project and will be supervised by Dr. Nele Meckler and Dr. Yves Krüger. I am Norwegian and I have already spent 6 years (!) at UiB. I did both my bachelor’s degree (2015-2018) and master’s degree (2018-2020) at GEO. My master’s thesis focused on paleoclimate reconstructions from a tropical stalagmite, as part of the T-TRAC project. Following my graduation, I worked one year as a research assistant at GEO, where I spent a lot of my time in the Fluid Inclusion Lab on the second floor. My Ph.D. project aims to provide terrestrial temperature records from low-latitude stalagmites covering the last glacial-interglacial transition by the means of fluid inclusion microthermometry. Also, the aim is to improve the accuracy of the fluid inclusion microthermometry method by identifying potential factors and mechanisms influencing liquid-vapor homogenization behaviour in stalagmite fluid inclusions.”   You find Marit in room 3122A.