Agustin Argüello Scotti

‘Hello GEO! I’m very happy to be here working on training a new generation of reservoir modelling algorithms from outcrop analogues, during my 3-year postdoctoral position supervised by Christian Haug Eide.

I come from Argentina, after working for several years in YPF (Argentina’s national energy company). Before working in the industry, I completed my PhD degree in Sedimentary Geology in 2017, with the supervision of Gonzalo Veiga at La Plata National University (Argentina).

My postdoctoral position is part of GEOPARD, a project aiming to create numerical 3D models of the subsurface that integrate geological rules into the core of the statistical modelling algorithm. My main objective within this project is to define the set of rules that govern facies transitions and stacking patterns in clastic sedimentary successions. You can find me at the second floor, room 2136’