Ujjwal Shekhar

“My name is Ujjwal Shekhar. I am glad that I will join the GEO team. I am from India, and I came to Norway two years ago for master studies at NTNU Trondheim. My background is interdisciplinary and encompasses Geosciences and Mathematics. I have specialized in Petroleum geophysics. I was mainly working on the seismic characterization of naturally fractured reservoirs. I worked as an exploration geologist before starting my studies at NTNU.

I am a PhD Research Fellow in mathematically oriented geophysics at the Department of Earth Science. The overall goal of the project is to develop methodology for seismic monitoring of coupled processes in the subsurface. I will try to develop full-waveform inversion methods for improved localization and characterization of induced-seismicity events. This project will also employ rock physics models to thoroughly understand the effects of fluid extraction/injection. I will be supervised by Morten Jakobsen and Inga Berre. I also look forward to collaborating with other team members. I wish to utilize their expertise and input their suggestions in this PhD project.” You will find Ujjwal in room 2130B.