Guest students and trainees in the spring of 2021

For those planning to receive guest students or trainees/interns in the spring semester of 2021, we inform you that the application deadline for these arrangements has been pushed back to October 22nd. The deadline is absolute. The International Center asks us to be extra thorough in our consideration of the necessity and expedience of each stay at this time, given the current restrictions, guidelines and measures existing on national and local levels.This is particularly important for applicants for countries outside the EU, who must apply for residence permit before arriving in Norway, and who must document adequate housing before a residence permit can be given. For most international applicants residing outside of Norway, there is still a requirement for a 10-day quarantine period upon arriving in Norway. Those traveling to the country must document that they have arranged for a suitable location to spend the entirety of the quarantine period or the stay.Guest students and trainees are not guaranteed student housing arranged by the Student Welfare Organization. The housing capacity will be reduced in the spring of 2021.