Updated info – actions for protective measures at GEO / Oppdatert info – tiltak og smittevern ved GEO (only in English)

It has been decided to close the exterior doors in area 3 (bl.a. Realfagbygget) due to the corona measures until 22 September. Key card work as normal.

You need to know and follow GEO’s currant  Action plan for Department of Earth Sciences, UiB (pr 4.9.2020)

All employees, guests, and students have to take E-learning course in Protective Measures.

Everyone who uses a home office should follow up on the following two steps (this is important for infection control work):

  1. Submit the following form  (except for those who have already clarified the use of home office via this form)
  2. In addition, report full days in the home office here GEO’s absence form like all other full-day absences from Campus. Exceptions are sick leave, leave and holidays that are registered in the HR portal.

Fieldswork and cruise read more from this link. 

Travels abroad: Please, be aware that all travels abroad have to be within national guidelines for travel abroad