Tim Cullen

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Hei UIBGeo!
My name is Tim Cullen, and I have just started a postdoctoral research fellow position here in UiB working on the Petromaks II DeepRift project. Having visited Bergen a couple of times over the past couple of years for work in PhD in the Syn-Rift Systems project, I am delighted to be coming back and spending more time in the department and the city!
I’m looking forward to seeing plenty of friendly and familiar faces, and getting back into the swing of things here in Bergen.

I am a geologist and have recently finished my PhD at The University of Leeds in the UK, where I was working with Richard Collier, Dave Hodgson and Rob Gawthorpe looking at deep-water and deltaic syn-rift depositional systems in the Corinth Rift. My PhD focussed on understanding how deep-water syn-rift systems respond to the influence of structural and climatic variability. I’m going to be carrying on thinking about this and some others things and seeing if we can apply our work from the Corinth Rift in the previous syn-rift systems project to the Norwegian Continental shelf.
You’ll be able to find me in office no. 2101 once I’m in the department so feel free to pop by! Welcome back Tim 🙂