Christopher Jackson

Foto: Privat

Hei! My name is Christopher Jackson. I am currently Equinor Professor of Basin Analysis at Imperial College, where I am Head of the Basins Research Group (BRG). This group focuses on determining the geodynamic, structural, and stratigraphic evolution of sedimentary basins, and the application of this understanding to determining the nature, origin and occurrence of natural resources. From 2002-2004 I was employed as an exploration research geologist in the Norsk Hydro (now Equinor) research centre, Bergen, Norway. Since moving to Imperial College, my research has focused on the tectono-stratigraphic analysis of sedimentary basins, with particular interest and expertise in the application of 3D seismic reflection and borehole data. I use both traditional fieldwork techniques and subsurface (seismic reflection, potential field, and borehole) data to investigate numerous geoscience topics, including the tectono-stratigraphic evolution of rifts and salt-influenced basins, and the sedimentology and stratigraphic evolution of deep-water sedimentary systems.

Thanks to the generous support of Professor Rob Gawthorpe, my old PhD supervisor from my time at the University of Manchester (1998-2002), I will spend 6 months in GEO as the VISTA Visiting Professor. I will work with Rob and other members of Bergen Basins on a range of sedimentary basins-related topics. Please feel free to come and chat to me about Earth Sciences, as well as equality, diversity, and inclusion, as well as race and racial justice, not just in academia, but in society in general.