Karl Purcell

Hello everyone, My name is Karl Purcell. I just started a PhD this June under the supervision of Margit Hildegard Simon and Eystein Jansen at the GEO department and the SapienCE centre. I will be working on reconstructing late Pleistocene paleoenvironments in South Africa by analysing marine sediments (e.g.: XRF, plant wax isotopes, OSL, …) and climate model data to help relate climatic reconstructions with early human behavior.

I am currently in Gatineau (Canada), my arrival being delayed due to the corona pandemic. I was born here in Gatineau, and I completed a Bachelor’s degree in metallurgical engineering and later a microprogram on climate change at Laval University, in Quebec City. I moved to Montreal and worked as a metallurgical lab technician between 2014 and 2017 before finally getting back to school for my master’s degree in Earth sciences at the Université du Québec à Montréal. My MSc project was a study on the use of 230Th excesses to constrain the ages of late quaternary sediments in the central Arctic Ocean. During the master I loved the idea of helping to elucidate our past, and I know this new project for my PhD will fuel this passion.

Aside from work, I love the outdoors and I genuinely enjoy rainy days so Bergen should be great. I also practice parkour/freerunning, lifting, running and rock-climbing. I will definitely hike around a lot, and maybe even go surfing on the coast.

Looking forward to meet you all! Hopefully you will soon find Karl at Jahne Bakken 5. Welcome to GEO 🙂