Elba geological field mapping course (Geov 252)

This years group picture of the Elba geological field mapping course (Geov 252) comes from 17 home offices, as the field mapping part had to be cancelled and instead was conducted digitally this year. The course has 6 seminars that prepare the field course, which were still mostly run at the department before the C19 shut-down. We then had to decide to either postpone the field part, to cancel the field part or to run it digitally. We decided for the latter and adhoc developed a digital field course based on 13 years of previous field mapping course experience on Elba Island, but now combining satellite imagery, Google Earth Streetview, field imagery and QGIS. Johannes Wiest and Hallgeir Sirevaag helped tremendously putting the technicalities into place. The group picture was compiled by Johannes Wiest from 17 Teams home office screenshots, provided by students and supervisors. Joachim Jacobs, 19.05.2020