Hakan Heggernes

Hi everyone! My name is Hakan and I started my PhD in structural geology in the middle of April, just after Easter. Professor Atle Rotevatn is my supervisor. I am from Bergen and I have pretty much done my entire education at UiB, with the exception of an exchange semester at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. I finished my bachelor’s degree in 2017, and I finished my master’s degrees in sedimentology and structural geology in June 2019.

At UiB I will be part of the Basin and Reservoir Studies group. During my PhD project I will investigate structural and stratigraphic controls on fluid flow in a range of sandstones. The main focus will be on poroperm properties, network properties and the distribution of sub-seismic structures like deformation bands and faults. The work will include core analysis from the Ivar Aasen field in the North Sea, and outcrop analysis from fieldwork, which will work as analogues to subsurface reservoirs.

When we get back to UiB, which hopefully is soon, you can find me in office 2152A. Velkommen til GEO 🙂