Johanna Marquardt – new employee at GEO

Hi everyone, My name is Johanna and I just started my PhD at the UiB with Nele Meckler! So far, I can only join you virtually via home-office from Germany due to the current Corona situation, but I hope that I will be able to physically meet you soon. My PhD project aims to reconstruct ocean temperatures during past episodes of greenhouse climate in the Cenozoic, and potentially also during major Cenozoic climate transitions. Thereby, at least a part of the project will focus on the early Eocene warm period ~50 Myrs ago. I will use clumped isotope paleothermometry on foraminifera (marine calcareous microfossils) and I would like to compare the resulting data with results of other paleotemperature proxies as well as climate model output.

For the last 2 years, I worked as a lab technician for the SWEET project (Super-Warm Early Eocene Temperatures and climate) with Phil Sexton at the Open University, UK. This project aims to reconstruct climate conditions during the extreme greenhouse warmth of the early Eocene. Besides maintenance of the microscope laboratory, my role in this project was to process deep-sea sediment samples and to pick multiple species of planktic and benthic foraminifera and fish teeth for C, O, B and Nd isotope analyses. The resulting data will form the basis for reconstructions of past ocean pH and atmospheric CO2 concentrations during the early Eocene, as well as complementary reconstructions of ocean circulation and temperatures.

I obtained my BSc in geosciences and my MSc in marine geosciences at the University of Bremen, Germany, with the focus on marine environmental archives, climate change and marine sedimentology. For my Master’s Thesis, I used O and C isotope analyses of foraminifera to reconstruct the late Quaternary evolution of intermediate water masses off Newfoundland under the supervision of Stefan Mulitza and Rüdiger Stein and investigated how surface freshwater input affected the intermediate water mass formation.

I already studied at the UiB several years ago during my Bachelor programme, and I am excited to join you again and to finally learn Norwegian! You will find (hopefully soon) Johanna in room 3153B Welcome to GEO Johanna 🙂