Register your publications in Cristin – deadline 2020-01-31

  1. Please check if all your scientific publications (not book, book chapter or conference proceedings) have been included! If not, please register them before 2020-01-31!
  2. The project number to all scientific publications that are connected to projects funded by the Research Council, EU or other funders that require open access, must be registered. Please see this tutorial on how to register project number in Cristin<>. Please note that you must use the old version of Cristin<> to register project number.
  3. Please ensure that a peer reviewed full-text version of all research articles are uploaded in Cristin. The author’s accepted manuscript must be uploaded, unless the author has made sure that the publisher permits the published version of the article to be made openly available. Please see this tutorial on how to upload articles in Cristin<>.

Read more details here:åpen-tilgang-til-vitenskapelige-artikler-instruks

If you have any questions, please contact:<>