New publication in Science Advances with the title: “Earthquakes track subduction fluids from slab source to mantle wedge sink”

Authors: Felix Halpaap, Stéphane Rondenay, Alexander Perrin, Saskia Goes, Lars Ottemöller, Håkon Austrheim, Robert Shaw, Thomas Eeken. (alle fra UiB, Imperial College London, eller UiO)

Engelsk: The mechanism of earthquakes at depths greater than 50 km (in subduction zones) is a vigorously debated topic in the geosciences, but it is probable that such earthquakes are related to mineral reactions that liberate water into the system. In our new article, we show that there is indeed a direct relationship between the occurrence of earthquakes and the migration paths of fluids in the Hellenic and other subduction zones. Link to the artickle in Science Advances Congratulations!!