New publication: From subsurface to surface: a multidisciplinary approach to decode the landscape evolution of the karstic massif of Mt. Menikio, Macedonia, Northern Greece

Christos Pennos*, Stein-Erik Lauritzen, Konstantinos Vouvalidis, Patience Cowie, Sofia Pechlivanidou, Charikleia Gkarlaouni, Michael Styllas, Panagiotis Tsourlos, Antonios Mouratidis

We study the epiphreatic caves and the surficial karst landforms of Mt. Menikio to unravel the tectonic controls on the evolution of this karst landscape. We construct a chronological framework for the ancient water table positions using Th/U dating of speleothem samples. Our age constraints indicate that the water table has dropped by 35 m, to its current position, the last 77 ka ago. We show that the factors that controlled the relative position of the water table also controlled the uplift movement of Mt. Menikio and we estimate the relative maximum uplift rate since 77 ka ago to be 0.45 mmyr-1. Read the article here. Congratulations 🙂