New publication in Geology: ‘Tipping the balance: Shifts in sediment production in an active rift setting’

The publication is by Sofia Pechlivanidou, Patience A. Cowie, Guillaume Duclaux, Casey W. Nixon, Robert L. Gawthorpe and Tristan Salles.

In this study we use a field-calibrated numerical model to explore the controls on landscape evolution across the Corinth rift, central Greece. We show that flexural tilting plays a key role in controlling the syn-rift sediment flux and, in a counterintuitive way, modifies the relationship between topographic relief and catchment-averaged erosion rates. Our results provide a new perspective on the origin and timing of sediment starvation relative to structural development in rifts.

Here is the link of our new publication in Geology. Congratulations 🙂