New publication has been rewarded by the 2018 choice of the “Basin Research” Journal’s Editor

Phd student Anneleen Geurts, supervised by Patience Cowie, Rob Gawthorpe and Ritske Huismans, has been rewarded for her article “Drainage integration and sediment dispersal in active continental rifts: A numerical modelling study of the central Italian Apennines” by the 2018 choice of the “Basin Research” journal’s Editor ( Written by Rebecca Bell, one of the journal’s Editors:

“The paper by Geurts and colleagues is commended on both scientific merit and presentation. The motivating question is impactful and clearly stated: What drives drainage integration in continental extensional systems? From there, the paper follows a very logical and impressive progression that tests also-clearly stated hypotheses. The methods and results show elegant integration of modeling and field observations. The significance of these results clearly extends beyond the Apennine study area, with global implications, as demonstrated in the discussion and conclusions. I have already tagged several of the figures for use in my basin analysis class this spring.”

Online version:    Congratulations 🙂