NFiP-kurs Svalbard

Four UiB students attend the NFiP field school in Pyramiden, Svalbard
Between September 10th and 16th, two MSc and two PhD students from the
Basin and Reservoir Studies group participated in a course run by the
Petroleum Research School of Norway on Svalbard. The course was
excellently organized and taught by Kim Senger and Aleksandra
Smyrak-Sikora, both from UNIS, and included 19 participants from eight

The primary target of this intensive course was to gain understanding of
the Billefjorden trough, a failed rift basin developed during the
Carboniferous times. The textbook style half-graben exposes a complete
succession of pre-, syn- and post-rift strata. The acquisition of
virtual outcrop data was used to map the sedimentary and structural
geometries in the basin. Long days in the field were generally followed
by just as long evenings with lessons, group work and the local brand of
Russian beer. Though the course largely focused on dowdy petroleum
exploration, it was also relevant for students working with innovative
CO2 storage technology.

For the most of the time, the participants stayed in Pyramiden, an
abandoned Soviet coal mining settlement across the fjord from the scenic
Nordenskiöldbreen. A number of sites either side of the fjord were
visited, and the cold but clear weather allowed the participants to get
a good overview of the basin and experience memorable days in the field.