Bonita Barrett

“Hi, this April I have started a 3 month visiting VISTA placement at the University of Bergen working with Prof. Rob Gawthorpe. I am visiting from the Universiy of Leeds, UK, where I am in my third year of my PhD project that is supervised by Prof. David Hodgson, Dr. Richard Collier and Dr Robert Dorrell. My research focuses on the stratigraphic architecture of shallow marine systems in syn- to post-rift settings. It is an integrated project with regard to methodology, whereby I am integrating 3D sequence stratigraphic numerical modelling with ‘Syn-Strat’, field- and subsurface-based case studies. The major interest is characterising along-strike variation in sequence architecture and understanding its applications for quantifying wider basin controls, and its implications for hydrocarbon play analysis in these settings. My field area is onshore the Gulf of Corinth, where the current case study focuses on the interfan area between syn-rift deltas. I will be working on this during my time in Bergen.

My background is varied – I studied an integrated Masters degree at Bangor University 2011-2015 in Geological Ocenography, with my 4th Masters year focussing on Geophysics. My thesis and associated publication looks at the effects of tuning on shallow gas signatures in seismic data. This is my third summer in Norway having spent the last two in Harstad and Trondheim undertaking summer internships at Statoil, so I am working my way southwards and am looking forward to familiarising myself with Bergen and enjoying everything it has to offer. I am sitting in room 2144 and always welcome a chat!”