Tim Cullen

“Hi, this April I have started a 3 month visiting VISTA placement in Bergen working with Rob Gawthorpe and the Syn-Rift Systems Group. I’m visiting from the University of Leeds in the UK where I am supervised by Dr. Richard Collier & Prof. David Hodgson collaborating as part of the Syn-Rift Systems consortium here in Bergen. My research is focused on investigating deep-water deposits in syn-rift settings and how they evolve in the context of the structural evolution of rift basins. A large part of this work involves fieldwork in the onshore Gulf of Corinth, Greece where the Syn-Rift Systems group have retreived drillcore which I will be working on during my time here!

My background focuses on sedimentology and structural geology where I completed my bachelors degree in Geology in 2015 and masters degree in Structural Geology with Geophysics in 2016 at the University of Leeds and spent a breif period in the middle of all of that working in fault seal analysis and fractured reservoirs. I’m looking forward to a great three months in Bergen! You can find me in room 2144 or the lab!”