Brandenburger Postdoc Prize to Sze Ling Ho

As Sze Ling Ho is about to move back to Asia, she received a very welcome postdoc prize. Sze Ling Ho received the prize for the work she conducted at her time as a postdoc at the Alfred Wegener Institute in Germany. The result was an article in Nature Geoscience, ”Flat meridional temperature gradient in the early Eocene in the subsurface rather than surface ocean” published in summer 2016. The article was written together with her colleague Thomas Laepple.

Photo: Raul Tapia

In the end of November, she was back in Potsdam to receive her prize from the State Chancellery of Brandenburg, feeling honoured and fortunate:
”It was really a team work with my former mentor Thom Laepple. We could not have done it without each other. On a more personal level, the award is almost like a “farewell gift” from Europe. I went to Germany as a PhD student. Did a postdoc there and now my second postdoc here in Bergen. I will return to Asia at the beginning of 2018 for a faculty position at the National Taiwan University. The prize money from this award will help kick-start my career there. Therefore this award could not have come at a better time!”
Sze Ling Ho has been a postdoc at the department of Earth Science and Bjerknes for Nele Meckler in the Quaternary Research System group since January 2016.

In February she will start as an assistant professor at the Institute of Oceanography at the National Taiwan University.